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Terms of Service - 29 June 2013

Terms of Service for the Very Small Businesss Org site are as follows.

Must be a legal business registered to do business anywhere in the world.

The main purpose of the Very Small Business Org site is to help businesses market their products and services to other businesses and  consumerís.

Any very small business marketing promotions for specific business selected by site administration, may be outlined on any page of this site and or provided through the email system of this site. This means not all information distributed to the email list would be listed on the main page of the site.

Any payments or subscription payments for any very small business site services of any type would normally be paid directly to SLZ and Associates. Active subscribing VSB members using the VSB sites may also be offering VSB memberships, but this membership offering would be on a very strict limited basis, in addition to their own products and services offered through any of the VSB sites.

Please note that if you are offered a membership by site administration or by an active subscribing member, be sure to verify the validity of the offering! Remember the total membership is currently capped at 300 members. Site administration is well aware of all the current memberís activities and any open memberships for the VSB sites. If you are unsure about an available membership, to be sure there is a membership available, before paying any money to anyone, contact site administration.

Some product and service information displayed on the VSB sites may be of an affiliate or joint venture nature, where you would be paying a third party for a product or service and site administration would receive compensation or commissions, as a result of your purchase of a specific product or service. Any payment, product or service problem with a third party must be handled through the third parties systemís. If any third party associated wtih the VSB sites is unwilling or unable to help you resolve any problem with their system, products or services, please notify site administration through the support link provided on this site. Site administration will attempt to verify any resolution with your specific issue, but cannot guarantee any specific resolution related to your business with any third party.

Please note that in some cases, there will be independent people and businesses selling product and or services directly related to, or for the use of the VSB sites. These types of resellers of products and or services for the VSB sites, may have a direct relationship with site adminisitration, a joint venture relationship with a third party or be an affiliate of any related business systems, such as Clickbank, Paydotcom or other systems. If you are not sure of the exact terms and or nature of your purchase of any businesses product or service, do not buy it, until you are absolutely sure of what you are buying and who you are paying for it!

In some cases, links on this VSB site or any other related VSB site (and usually clearly identified), may direct (or redirect) VSB site visitors to a specific business, which allows that business to resell VSB services or products, normally used on or through these sites, but exclusively only for customers of that specific business.

The above four paragraphs cover the nature of all sales related to the VSB sites and a further summary clarification of those four paragraphs is restated in the following paragraphs for clarification.

VSB site services or products may be sold to you by any third party who has a current existing direct business relationship with VSB site administration. More specifically, as a business or independent business person requiring VSB site services, you may at times be directly paying another business or independent business person for VSB site services or products. Site administration has direct reseller relationships with businesses and independent business people, who do sell VSB products or services at their own prices or at the suggested prices of VSB site administration. In most cases these businesses or independent people collect the funds from you as their retail or wholesale customer, and in turn notify and pay VSB site adminisitration for the specific product or service. This paragragh refers specifically to VSB site administrationís independent business relationship with other businesses or independent business people, who may not be associated with any on-line affiliate system. If any business or independent business person is attempting to sell you any VSB site services or products and you are not absolutely sure of what are paying for or from whom you are purchasing, please contact site administration before paying anything. Site administration is well aware of who can sell VSB services or products to you at any given time.

The previous paragraph should be reread and fully understood by all reading it, specifically to prevent purchasing or making payments, for any VSB site services or products, to any business or independent business that may be falsely representing themselves as able to acquire and provide VSB site services for you, but not able to do so, because of no existing or cancelled agreement.

Under no circumstances, can the VSB sites or site administration be held liable for any payments or agreements you may have made with anyone not directly associated with the VSB sites.

Site administration will make all provided services and products available to all site vsitorís and or site subscriberís as much as possible, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, unless there are required maintenance procedures that must be performed to keep the overall operations of the site at best performance for all.

Your use of the VSB sites products and or services is provided ďas isĒ at any given point in time and no guarantee of any kind is made that any related site services or products will be available at all times.

These terms of service may be modified as needed at any time by Site Admin. Be sure to visit this page fro any recent updates.

Terms of Service

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